Terms and Conditions

• Quotes are only valid for seven days.
• No vehicle will be released without payment.
    * The client is liable for   any costs not covered by the insurance.
    * These costs include but are not limited to: repair costs, price variances, towing costs, release fees and/or any additional costs relating to the repairs of your vehicle.
    * Payment must be made either in Cash, Card or via EFT.
• Cash jobs are to be paid upfront or a minimum 50% deposit is to be paid before work can commence.
• Front and rear screens are removed at the client’s risk only.
• We are not responsible for any damages caused by fire, theft, or any other cause whatsoever.


Applicable only to the work done by Rudia Autobody and Paint

• Parts – Warranty as per suppliers’ documentation.
• Paint – lifetime warranty 
   * This includes; peeling, bubbling, cracking, debris in the paint, fish eyes and wrinkling.
• Workmanship – 1 year – only on the work that was done by Rudia Autobody and Paint.
• Rust – 1 year or balance of factory warranty.